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Windshield Wiper Weather

Driving in “highest speed possible” windshield-wiper weather yesterday, added some stress to the trip to Memphis.  Throw in the 18-wheelers and mega-pick-ups, whose drivers have a tendency to believe they are invincible, with their driving machines spewing and spitting a heavy mist in already foggy conditions; made visibility poor.  No, bad.  Very bad.  I have to admit, I usually drive 72-74 mph on interstates, but I slowed it down to 60-65 mph much of the way (from NWA to east side of Little Rock).  Well … folks … slowing down was the smart, safe thing to do.  Less chance of an accident going slower.  Think we might should slow down in life sometimes?   Less accidents: physical, emotional, and spiritual? If you say, “No, don’t think so!”  You would be incorrect.  Life spews and spits “stuff” at us often.  What’s the tendency — to keep up, pass, spew and spit back? Allow me to suggest you slow down.  Less chance of an accident.  Not sure how to tell you exactly how to slow down.  I’m still figuring that out myself.  But … I am working on it.  Getting better at it.  To be safe and smart … I’ve got to.  Lord help me.  Lord help you.

Be blessed,

From Dixon’s Mid-Week Memo, 04-26-17