118 North Elm Street, Elm Springs, AR 72728 elmspringsumc@gmail.com 479-248-1290

Weddings & Events

If you are seeking a site for your wedding or community event, look into historic Elm Springs United Methodist Church!
With a rich 180 years of history, this is a wonderful place to start your marriage.

Options include:

  • Chapel that seats 100
  • Crisler Hall (for a small reception) includes kitchen
  • Sanctuary that seats up to 400 and includes media services
  • Fellowship Hall (for a large reception) includes kitchen
  • Plenty of parking

Reasonable rates:

  • Chapel $250 plus $250 security deposit
  • Crisler Hall $250 plus $250 security deposit (if you are using both Chapel and Crisler Hall, you only pay one $250 deposit).
  • Sanctuary $500 plus $500 security deposit and media fee of $75
  • Fellowship Hall $500 plus $500 security deposit (if you are using both Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, you only pay one $500 deposit.)

Contact the church office by phone Monday or Thursday 479-248-1290 or anytime by email at elmspringsumc@gmail.com.