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I Need Help



If you are homeschooling /remotely/digitally educating your kids, and you need assistance with understanding something that has been assigned for your child, or if you need more resources, just give me a shout. I’ve taught 2nd-6th for 30 years.  I am also lucky to have amazing friends that teach k-12, ESOL, and Sped. If I can’t answer your question, I will send you to my best resources…. fellow teachers who also just want to get kiddos the support they need. Hang in their sweet friends.  We WILL get through this!

Denise Crutchfield @ 479-841-9747 (call or text) 

e-mail  kids@elmsprings.church 

Child Care while you work.

If you need child care while you work and cannot find anyone to help, we will try to help you find someone.

Call the church office at 479-248-1290 or 

e-mail Denise Crutchfield at kids@elmsprings.church  or call 479-841-9747

e-mail Matt Slavik at youth@elmsprings.church 


If you are age 70 or someone who has medical or physical conditions and need help with groceries shopping, errands and/or prescriptions. Please contact.

ESUMC office at office@elmsprings.church  479-248-1290  

e-mail Denise Crutchfield at kids@elmsprings.church  

e-mail Matt Slavik at youth@elmsprings.church

NWA Free Food for Kids (Facebook) – great food resource for the family.

Food donations are being accepted for our food pantry.